Cheap, but also good transportation to terminal stations.

3 recommended stations in Tokyo with good cost performance.


We would like to introduce stations those are a little far from the terminal stations, but the rent is relatively low and the transportation by train is convenient!


Evaluation criteria:

① Time required to reach terminal stations

② Cheap rent

③ Ease of living in the town itself


[As a premise...]

The average rent market price in Tokyo's 23 wards is as follows for each floor plan. (As of June 17, 2020)

① Kotakemukaihara Station

[Rent Market ]

One room・1K ⇒ JPY 57,600

1LDK/2K/2DK ⇒ 90,000 yen


<Available Lines>

① Tokyo-Metro Fukutoshin Line

② Tokyo-Metro Yurakucho Line


Very convenient access to terminal stations such as Ikebukuro station, Shinjuku Sanchome station, Shibuya station and Yokohama station. You can go those stations without changing trains.

[Comfortability of living]

It only takes about 5 minutes to Ikebukuro by express train.

There is a cheap supermarket called Okay store, a useful supermarket near the station, three major convenience stores(Seven Eleven, Family Mart, and Lowson), 100yen store(Daiso), etc. It seems that there are few restaurants, but since there are two universities at Ekoda Station, which is within a walking distance from Kotakemukaihara, there are many izakaya and restaurants (and many tapioca cafes!)◎

② Narimasu Station

[Rent Market ]

One room/1K ⇒ 51,500 yen

1LDK/2K/2DK ⇒ 74,300 yen


<Available lines>

① Tobu Tojo Line

② Fukutoshin Line

③ Yurakucho Line


Narimasu Station is only on the Tobu Tojo Line, but you can use the Fukutoshin Line and Yurakucho Line from Narimasu Subway Station, which is a 3-minute walk from Narimasu Station. It is an excellent access within 10 minutes without transferring to Ikebukuro and within 30 minutes without transferring to Shinjuku Sanchome Station and Shibuya Station.

[Comfortability of living]

There are several big supermarkets and a lot of restaurants around the station.Furthermore, about 15 minutes on foot from the south exit, there is a fairly large park called Hikarigaoka Park with a lawn open space, day camp open space, tennis courts and so on. Since there's such an environment, it is also popular with families as well as one person living.

③ Musashikoganei Station

[Rent Market ]

One room・1K ⇒ 51,400 yen

1LDK/2K/2DK ⇒ 83,000 yen


<Along the line>

JR Chuo Main Line


Rapid trains stop.

Although commuting hours are crowded, you can reach Kichijoji Station, Tachikawa Station, Shinjuku Station, and Tokyo Station in about 30 minutes without changing.

[Comfortability of living]

Musashikoganei is in good natural environment such as Koganei Park and Tamagawa Josui, so you can expect a quality of life such as cycling and jogging!

There are large supermarkets and restaurants around the station.



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