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Natinality: USA

Work as Business man in Tokyo


Place:Kammeari station


Gratuity fee:1month


Q: What made you decide to look for an apartment in Japan?

A: I wanted to move from living in a share house to a place of my own.

Q: Did you have any concerns about looking for a new place to live?

A: I was concerned about whether I could find a big enough place in a good location that would match my budget and lifestyle.

Q: Were your concerns resolved? If so, how?

A: Yes. After discussing with the agent about my ideal setup, he showed me several places that matched what I was looking for.

Q: How many different apartments did you visit before you decided on one to apply for?

A: Four.

Q: What were the most important things to you when looking for an apartment?

A: I wanted to get an apartment with two room and a kitchen in a convenient neighborhood that was within ten minutes walking distance from the station and not too far a train ride from my workplace. Of course, I wanted all within my budget.

Q: How did you hear about Tokyo City Apartment?

A: Through a friend and coworker.

Q: Did you have any concerns or reservations about contacting Tokyo City Apartment?

A: No, because I was recommended by a friend.

Q: How did it go communicating with the agent?

A: The agent explained things well and answered my questions and concerns and walked me through the whole process.

Q: Did you consult with any other real estate companies besides Tokyo City Apartment?

A: No, I had looked around at apartments on the SUUMO app, but that was all.

Q: Why did you decide to use Tokyo City Apartment’s services?

A: A friend of mine had used their services to find successfully find an apartment in Tokyo, so I decided based on their recommendation.

Q: Please tell us any thoughts and comments you have on Tokyo City Apartment’ services.

A: Tokyo City Apartment made the process of finding an apartment, communicating with the landowners, and setting things from start to finish easier and quicker than I would have expected.