Search for properties

​We handle any grades and any kinds of properties such as apartments, share houses, detached houses. By using the biggest real estate search engine for professional business, we are compatible to any customers needs.

Supports after the contract

​Generally if you have problems about your apartments after movement you need to make a deal with a property management company, but often they're not available in English so we'll support it.

We can offer you our partner moving company, so you can move to new apartment in cheaper price than using other moving companies.

Other supports))

​・Hand in the notification of your movement to the City Hall.
・Changing address of your residence card and my-number card.
・Electricity, water, and gas contract procedures.
・Cellphone contract procedures.
・Internet/Wi-Fi contract procedure.
・Opening a bank account for your rent payment.

For further details, please check "After Contract".

Frequently Asked Questions

①Which areas do you handle?​

⇒All over Tokyo, Saitama, and Kanagawa prefecture.

②What grade of properties do you handle?​

​⇒We use the biggest real estate search engine for professional real estate companies so we can introduce you any grades and any kinds of properties.

③Does it cost extra fee to get your service as foreigners?​

​⇒Not at all. We provide the same service to everyone.